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Fast-changing real estate landscape means fast-changing rules and regulations. Government authorities are constantly making changes to society by laws. And with it, comes the problem of keeping up with the latest compliances and ensuring that the best practices are followed. Often, societies struggle to make this possible. Societies often find themselves unaware of the changing rules and often skip important deadlines.

Can this be handled better? And in a professional way? The answer is absolutely yes. Zipgrid enables societies to follow all necessary rules and compliances laid down by the authorities with ease. It sets important deadlines alerts and reminders. So that the managing committee are updated well in advance. Zipgrid prepares all necessary documentation in consultation with the managing committee ensuring all protocols and compliances are followed as per the rules and regulations laid down by the authorities. This is made possible with the help of its trained team of professionals who understand the society management domain. Our experts are updated with all the latest changes in the bye-laws and even the compliances that are put in place by the authorities. They are well-informed and will work closely with the managing committee to help them understand the latest compliances and ensure they are followed.

Imagine how difficult it can get for the committee members, who are busy professionals either working or running their own businesses. They find themselves racing against time when it comes to keeping up with the society related matters. With Zipgrid you can breathe easy and ensure smooth functioning of your society, always.