About Us


Zipgrid helps housing societies and gated communities to experience the oneness of superior community living. With the help of technology-led ecosystem, Zipgrid aims to deliver efficient management services for housing communities along with knowledge-based compliance and governance for smooth and easy functioning of services in a society complex.

We are the fastest growing organisation in the Indian Communities Space

5 Cities

Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad






of On-Ground Operations

Technology architecture that allows us to create happy communities

Our innovative software is fully supported by Google Cloud Platform. It allows us to build, deploy, scale up applications, websites and services on the same infrastructure as Google. Ensuring future-proof infrastructure and powerful data and analytics. It provides a safe and secure data storage and management along with many more features. Google Cloud Platform allows us to seamlessly manage housing societies and gated communities.


Our Purpose

  • To improvise living experience of residents and families
  • To enhance property capital value premium
  • To upgrade community living standards
  • To build stronger operations and quality of services for society residents
  • To drive systemic economic efficiency

In all that we do

we promise to deliver:

Zipgrid App for Communities

We bring housing communities closer than ever before. Imagine managing your society-related queries, requests and updates at your fingertips. Imagine a private WhatsApp for every housing community — where society members can chat, form discussion groups and engage with each other instantly.

Create an engaging neighborhood

  • Connect with fellow society members
  • Form chat groups
  • Collaborate to make a difference

Society related tasks - just a click away!

  • Connect with fellow society members
  • Form chat groups
  • Collaborate to make a difference

Enjoy holistic community management experience

  • Stay tuned with all the upcoming society events
  • Facility management and amenities related updates
  • Timely updates on all society maintenance work

Serves utilitarian

  • Find quality service partners
  • Reach out and help your society members
  • Contribute with your valuable suggestions and tips

Mobile-first | Integrated ‘Action Inbox’ | Intuitive ‘Chat View’

Guess who’s backing us?

Jones Lang LaSalle (NYSE: JLL) – one of the world’s largest real estate asset management companies and 1 Crowd – a unique equity crowd-funding platform have been more than just investors. They have been our guiding force. Their expertise and continuous support has allowed us to do what we do the best – managing services for housing societies.

Our Team

Want to join forces with us?

Zipgrid has marked its arrival as a start-up with a high-energy, young and pragmatic team.
It’s a place that allows you to be you, while bringing out the best in you!

Community Experts

Zipgrid aims to take its service offering to the next level. We hope to impart our knowledge and expertise to those who are looking forward to embark upon this brand new career of Community Management. We offer a host of knowledge series and workshops, while providing a network of Community Experts.

Zipgrid Partner Network

Our unique partner network provides a platform for people to interact and grow their businesses. This network is created to bring together all service providers, who offer society-related facilities. Through this grid, we aim to regularly share ways to engage with Zipgrid and other community managers.