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As we urbanize, the role of a housing society/ association/ community continues to garner more prominence. From being just a legal entity to becoming a nodal authority, the roles and responsibilities of a society has transformed substantially over the last couple of decades. And as Managing Committee members (viz. Board of Directors of a company), the onus of enforcing all these compliances falls on this select group of people. Sometimes, non-compliance and wrong compliance carries legal and criminal penalties. Because, let’s face it, our homes are the largest pie of our wealth.

One of the most critical jobs of a Managing Committee is to maintain sanctity of data and use such data to enable transfers of apartments, issue NOCs and deal with regulatory bodies. However, preserving such data in physical format has its set of challenges such as inability to locate documents, when needed or missing or spoilt documents. This is when Digitization comes into play.

When we talk about digitization, the first thing that comes to mind is scanning and storing – how difficult can that be! This is equivalent to having a large library with a large collection of books, all un-catalogued though. Imagine going to your neighborhood library, and not being able to find the collection of Harry Potter books, although everybody is sure that the library has it and it is around, somewhere. So, we need to create a searchable and retrievable archive of documents. These documents are tagged and indexed, based on their characteristics (such as sale agreement, allotment, nomination etc.). Further, child-tags such as unit no., date, member name, document type etc. are assigned to them. These documents are then stored in Google cloud and ZipDocs, our platform layer acts as an interface between you and the docs.

We have done this for a lot of societies, including one of the oldest societies in India, where we had to deal with about 100,000 documents and a history of about 70 years.

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