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MUMBAI: Both property owners and tenants heaved a sigh of relief after a police circular stated that no NOC from the local police station, henceforth, will be required to obtain/ to let a property on rent in the city. In turn, the landlord will only need to send the agreement copy to the cops through registered post.

Until the circular was issued, any landlord or tenant of any commercial or residential property had to visit to the local police station in person to inform the cops about the agreement and submit a copy of the same to the police station. In most of the cases, real estate would charge high fees to help the landlord/tenant to get an NOC from the police stations. Besides, the landlord/tenant would have to spent almost a day in going to the police station and getting an NOC.

DCP Dhananjay Kulkarni, said that this step will help the citizens to come forward and give data about about tenant. “Once we receive an agreement, we will issue an acknowledgment receipt and it would be sufficient enough to show to the society office bearers that the agreement has reached to the police. If any data / information is found wrong, the landlord will be held responsible,” said Kulkarni.

There have been complaints of some policemen asking for ‘Bakhshish’ (reward) for helping the citizens in getting NOC. This was one of the main reasons most of the landlords and tenants were reluctant to go the police station. By introducing this new scheme, cops want to compile a data base of the people staying on rent in Mumbai.

Talking about the new step, a senior police officer said that their intention is to ensure there is no inconvenience caused to the owner and tenant for renting out premises and taking it up on rent.

Source: TNN | Feb 3, 2015