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Imagine years of official records. Endless paperwork. All lying unattended. And before you know it, these stacks of important society papers grow into towering mountains. And you wonder, where is the society office. What’s worse is that you can never find the papers you’re looking for when you need it the most. Your society’s committee members change but the situation remains the same.

It’s time to call in the experts. It’s time to go paperless. Digitisation is the way forward and Zipgrid can help your society to store data for easy access. It’ll clear the endless mountains of paperwork and converts the space back to the clean society office – just like it used to be years back. Digital archive of all the records will enable societies to maintain the entire history of records on a secure private google cloud. Zipgrid also offers on-site back up service on a NAS Drive so that you can attend to other important society-related matters.

Society committee members time is the most precious. Digitisation of records make it easier for them to access it without losing their mind. Now you can make all society records searchable and accessible at your fingertip. It brings in efficiency and saves a lot of time of members too. Everything is organised and maintained so that even when the society managing committee changes, processes continue as part of standard best practices.